Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is a national speaker, trainer, and coach in the areas of leadership, communication, and relationships. He empowers people to navigate healthier lifestyles, relationships, and careers. Ted and his wife of 37 years live in Upstate South Carolina. They also own an active travel agency helping people make a lifetime of memories.



Empowering people to become a leader of their life. Leadership is a transformational mindset. It's all about intentional effort to shape solid relationships.



Explore the dynamics of better verbal, vocal, and visual elements of daily conversations. Beyond the daily chats, you can become an empowering communicator with dynamic skills. Ask me how.



Ted uses DISC, Spiritual Gifts, OOLA, Four Colors, Enneagram, GROW, NLP and other models. Increase your voice and presentation skills, become a group facilitator.



You deserve to make better informed decisions about your health & wellness. Engage in a methodical process of clearing the toxins from your life and focus on achieving a balanced life of health. You deserve it.

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You deserve to have the skills, tools, and resources to become the best version of you. Whether you want a lunch-n-learn, a half-day workshop, or a full-on retreat experience, reach out to begin a chat.

Quick Facts

Strategies That Work

I’ve been successfully leading, training, coaching and speaking across many business sectors, both public and private, county, state, and federal governmental entities for a few decades. From North Carolina to North Dakota, Colorado to Cairo (yes Cairo Egypt), I've seized the opportunities to pour into the lives of others, empowering, encouraging, and motivating them to take charge of their journey of a great life.


My role is to navigate, explore, and guide new learning, empower skill applications and expand people’s repertoire of talents, gifts, and traits.


Straight forward seeking and exposing the details so we get it right. Confidently walking along side you to create a plan for maximum learning experience.


The journey requires determination, dedication, and drive to achieve worthy results. Your future deserves the best version of yourself. How shall we proceed?

Want to get ahead with teamwork?

Staff want to be invited.  Staff want to be included. Staff want to be contributors.

How are you facilitating this?


We teach others how to treat us.


Focus energy on who you can become, not on what you can get.


Speak in Truth, Love & Grace. If you can't, then be quiet.


Inspiring Influential Competent Supporter


Learner. Strategic. Connectedness. Adaptability. Communication.


3w2 Achiever. Performer. Motivator. Helper.