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I believe that if serving is below a person, leadership is beyond that person.

As a navigator, I walk along side people seeking balance in an unbalanced world. Meet the OOLA Life. Our lives are designed for balance. Achieving it is often just beyond our reach without external intervention. Our health, our relationships, our emotional being, our spiritual journey, our careers, our finances, our enjoyment. We call these the 7 F's: Faith, Family, Field, Finance, Fitness, Friends, and Fun.
Take charge. It's your life.
Focus on who you can become, not on what you can get.
I guide people in the direction of being a stronger leader in their life. Whether professional or personal, discover leadership talents, gifts and traits, communication savvy, assertiveness and boundaries, public speaking and group facilitation skills.
The training needs in today's workplace goes beyond the traditional. Explore and discover how to build stronger teams, tap deeper into motivation, identify and excise de-motivators. Hire smarter, train harder, coach, mentor, shadow, move people to better versions of themselves.
Getting to know ourselves through personality/profile assessments and study is golden. The more we learn and apply this knowledge, the better people we become, the more we understand about what makes other people tick and get ticked off, the stronger and more dynamic our relationships become. DISC, Enneagram, and StrengthFinders (CliftonStrengths) are great tools.


Take charge. Seek wellness.
I'll help guide your steps.

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The 3 C's: Choose. Choice. Change.
Choose now to make a choice for change.

Training for Business

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Leadership. Teamwork. Communications. Customer Service. Staff Wellness. DISC. StrengthFinders.


Profile Assessments

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DISC. Enneagram. StrengthFinders (CliftonStrengths). Spiritual Gifts. Four Colors. For individuals, couples, work, faith staff.


1 to 1 coaching

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Coaching for growth, change, relationships, boundaries, focus, network marketing.


coaching online

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Using technology makes sense. We can accomplish our goals with online sessions.


Seeking OOLA Life Coaching

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OOLA Life is a state of awesomeness. OOLA is a special coaching designed to achieve life balance.



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Courses coming soon. For more info check out our blog.


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